The Magnificent Borobudur

The Magnificent Borobudur

Not many people know about the devided of Budha's religious sect, one of them is Budha Mahayana. Mahayana grew fast coincide with silk road in Asia, including Indonesia. Long time ago some of Indonesian kingdoms are the followers of Budha, they built temples to follow Budha's way. One of the temples is Borobudur. Borobudur is the biggest Buddhist temple of the world, it makes Borobudur becomes one of the seven wonders of Indonesia and UNESCO's world heritage site.

Borobudur was built in the 9th century, time of dynasty Syailendra. Five centuries later, in the 14th century, when the time of Islam was raising up, while Buddhism and Hinduism fell down. The majestic temple, Borobudur is also left out by its followers and being abandoned. The abandonment happened for about five centuries. Untill it is re-discovered again in 19th century and then it had an underground restoration and preservation.

The misterious story behind Borobudur's history cannot back-stop its exquisite of this thousand years beauty treasure. It is contructioned with 6 squares of platforms and 3 circles platforms, also it has 2.673 relief panels.

Although the appearances of the Budha statues are similar, each statue has a difference in the mudras (hand positions). Borobudur has 504 Budha statues, more than 300 are headless and 43 completely missing. How come?! How could it be?! The neck of each of the statues are weak points in constuction. Things like earthquake or volcanic eruption have caused the heads to fall and lost during the centuries of abandonment. Some of the heads have been reattached during restoration but the majority of them can be found around the world in various museums and galleries.

Myths and legends are the great blanket of Borobudur, find out its exoticism when sunrise and you can feel the peace of universe. See every carving in its stone then you reliaze how genius, people who made it. Keep smile and enjoy the view, cheers!