Jomblang Cave, Other Space Underneath The Earth

Jomblang Cave, Other Space Underneath The Earth

Jomblang Cave is a unique cave, one of the best cave that can be found in Yogyakarta. The light of heaven is its middle name, this is most people are looking for when they visit Jomblang Cave. Jomblang Cave is located in the south east of Yogyakarta, it is far away from the city and when it comes to the village near Jomblang the street is quite unfriendly.


The most important thing is body fitness, because it is really required for exploration in Jomblang Cave. For your information, to get in into the cave you should be dropped down into a sinkhole underneath the Earth. Jomblang is a vertical cave that is way you need to be descend underneath the Earth. The height from top to core is for about 60 meters!!! Do not be afraid! Because the way how you down is more spooky because it is only hanging solely in a rope!!! It is enough to lift your adrenaline up and safety is guaranteed (rope, boots and helmet are included the service).


The show had just begun. The first time you step your feet into the ground, you will see a forest, yes! Under the ground, you will see FOREST!!! The land is wet and muddy, also sooo slippery!!! Just watch your steps and say good bye for your clothes that you ware! Follow the path, maybe this is the wetest trekking ever! Be ready with your flash light because you will enter into a darkness. The trek maybe around 100-150 meters then you will hear the sound of the stream, actually the river makes the moisture of the cave constant.

Then finally you will see a big hole on the roof of the cave when the sunrays just drop gracely (actually it is more like a natural big window on the roof) people call it a light from heaven. When rainy season, it is more dramatic inside the cave, because rain and sunlight are a beautiful combination in that big hole.


After done with the trek, how will you get up again onto surface? Funny thing is you will be hanging again in a rope and pulled by 30 men! Jomblang administrator had made a boundary only 60 people can visit Jomblang Cave per a day so make sure that your trip is on the right hand (tour agent) so that they can schedule your Jomblang trip profesionally, cheers!