10 Spots To See Best Sunset in Yogyakarta

10 Spots To See Best Sunset in Yogyakarta

There is something magical in the process of sunset and sunrise. Before science develeps as it is now, tales and various stories were told by our ancestors about where the sun might have gone. Not only that, the beautiful colors hung in the sky would amaze anyone. We bet each one of you at one time ever trying to capture its beauty through lens or your phone.

Well, in this article, Brother and Travelhood will tips you on the places in Yogyakarta which are perfect for watching the sunrise and the sunset. Where are these places? Prepare your camera and your bags, departing is now!

  • Kalibiru

As you climb the hanging ladder which leads you to the pine tree that is located on the edge of a ravine, you will get mesmerized to view the panoramic view of the Menoreh Mountains. As you reach the wooden board, you are sure to get amazed as you view the sun that rides the clouds while returning home. The light rays reach the Earth’s yellow surface. Each of the steps will be leaving the golden trace behind. In addition to this, you will find a serene lake from a distance. The lake is known to serve like the mirror for the sun for fitting the same. The lake carries the reflection of glittering ray glow. The serenity in Kalibiru is going to remove the tiredness. You will enjoy every bit of second here and you will feel that time is passing really slow. As you indulge in this mesmerizing view of nature, you will be able to leave the hassles of regular life. The given view makes you forget the urban life for the time.

  • Glagah Beach

If you are willing to view the dashing sunset, you should plan a trip to Glagah beach. The sound of the Southern sea that collides with a plethora of the tetrapods are worth mentioning here. You are going to love the scenario where you will see that the bright blue sky is turning into the golden orange.

  • Pok Tunggal Beach

Pok Tunggal Beach is another significant place that offers an amazing vacation to you. Rejoice in the eminence of the Pok Tunggal Beach. However, your trip to the place is not going to complete as you spend some good for having the sun sets view behind the horizon. It is also amazing for spending a night in the tent. Take delight in the violet sundown, waves and sea breeze here.

  • Parang Endog Hill

The view of vast ocean stretches along with the racing waves contributes to being the signature treat of Parang Endog Hill. The yard offers a twilight view of Southern Sea. You can spend some romantic time with your spouse as you notice the sun falling into the horizons embrace. You will find that the Golden orange light is taking over the sky.

  • Nglanggeran Pond

Green valleys and rocky hills that frame the tiny pond located at the foot of ancient Nglanggerand volcano offer the twilight breathtaking view. The amazing moving silhouettes will be fitting themselves here. It is similar to the giant screen in which the orange sky forms the background.

  • Ratu Boko Palace

You will enter the past as you pay a visit to the Ratu Boko Palace. The ruins of this ancient palace can be traced in the 18th century. It reveals the most mesmerizing sunset across the globe. As you take a walk through these ruins, you will be able to view the sun rays reflection. This was the bathing place for the princesses. You can view the twilight sun through the gate. This place offers the most amazing view of the sunset.

  • Ijo Temple

You are going to love watching the sun from the edge of a yard of Ijo Temple. You will fall in love with the face as you find that the sun is turning into night slowly. You will find the clear and dazzling vast view of Jogja city. The silhouette of the construction which is hundred years old contributes being the comfortable place where you will find a plethora of exhausted people is escaping the tedious routine.

  • Jogan Beach

The beach has the purple twilight sky background with stars into the Indian Ocean off. You are certainly going to love the exotic and out of the ordinary sunset view present at Jogan beach. This beach comes with a waterfall which falls into the sea straight.

  • Prambanan Temple

The golden sunlight from the Prambanan Temple which is 47 meters in length offers an exotic view. Owing to this reason, the foreign tourists fall in love with the twilight here.

  • Parangtritis Beach

Parangtritis Beach has earned a high reputation for offering the most romantic sunset view. You will be able to indulge in a plethora of activities during the watch of sunset. Visit the place with the love of your life in order to witness the beautiful sunset of the place.